Required Background Checks for Volunteers

March 21, 2016

Monroe Twp Baseball Association Volunteers,

IN 2014 Babe Ruth League Baseball (“BRL”) instituted a requirement to perform criminal background checks on its manager and coach volunteers.  As the Monroe Twp Baseball Association (“MTBA”) is a chartered member of BRL, we must adhere to this mandate.  Note that BRL rules state that completed background checks are good for three years, so if you successfully had the check done in the last three years you do not need to re-submit for it this year.

To conduct the background checks, the MTBA uses a service provider recommended by BRL. The service is called First Advantage,  BRL has secured a non-profit organization discounted rate for all of its chartered members to conduct these background checks and the MTBA pays for all costs related to these checks.

In order to use this service it is necessary for all volunteers to submit some personal information.  Specifically, the two pieces of information that must be provided by our volunteer candidates are:
   - full legal name (including any aliases, i.e., John Smith and John M. Smith)
   - date of birth

If you have volunteered or plan to volunteer this season, please provide the pieces of information requested above as soon as possible.  The season is quickly approaching and you cannot be on the field or in the dugout with the children unless you have passed the check.  Please email this information to the following secure email address* –
(* Only a limited amount of people will have the access to view the information you provide as well as the results of the background check.  We understand the sensitivity around personal information and, in conjunction with the rec department, will limit access accordingly.  You can also send any questions regarding these checks to this email address.)

If you choose not to submit your information for any reason then unfortunately, per BRL rules, we cannot allow you to volunteer with our teams.

Please note, the background checks will not include a credit check or any other type of investigation other than gathering the information needed to help our league implement and maintain a thorough background screening process and to make sure we have a child abuse prevention program for our volunteers and the broader MTBA staff.

If a ‘red flag” appears on any check, we will contact that volunteer candidate to discuss further before any final decision is made.

The safety and protection of our children are of utmost importance and so the MTBA fully supports this requirement.  Repeating, should anyone not be willing to provide the necessary information for us to run a background check then, per BRL guidelines, we cannot accept you as a volunteer and you cannot be on the field or in the dugout with the players.  The MTBA will strictly enforce this rule.

The Babe Ruth League web site has an excellent page with information regarding this requirement which will likely cover any questions you may have, so please visit that at:

Please note that the MTBA also requires all on-field volunteers to have completed the Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. certification course, so you will need both that Rutgers certification and the completed background check to be on the field or in the dugout.  If you are unsure of your status regarding either requirement you may visiit our approved volunteer list to see if we have you recorded as an approved volunteer; if your name is not listed or is in red (denoting only one of the two requirements are on record) then you cannot be on the field or in the dugout (and all managers should review this to be sure all of their coaches meet the requirements before allowing them to assist).  If you know you have completed the Rutgers course but are not marked as such then you can send a scanned copy of your certification card to the same email address above and we will record it.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation in this matter, and thanks as always for volunteering your time and energy to our program!

MTBA Executive Board