Work Bond Timesheet

Spring 2012


  WORK BOND TIMESHEET (Microsoft Word Doc)


Work bond refunds will be given following the monthly MTBA General Membership meetings at the Monroe Recreation Center on 7/10/12, 8/14/12, and 9/11/12, and on another date(s) to be determined prior to 9/11/12 (likely a weekend morning).  Do not give your work bond time sheet to your manager and do not mail it in to the Rec Center.  You will need to appear in person on one of the dates above, bring your completed and signed time sheet, and a check will be made out to you on-site at that time.

UPDATE 6/25/2012

The schedule for turning in your work bond time sheet and receiving refunds has been changed to the following:

Tuesday, September 11 at the Rec Center (following the monthly MTBA meeting that begins at 7:30pm)
Saturday, September 22 at James Monroe Park (10am-2pm)
Saturday, October 6 at James Monroe Park (10am-2pm)
Tuesday, October 9 at the Rec Center (following the monthly MTBA meeting that begins at 7:30pm)

The MTBA has received several calls and emails from families saying that getting to the Monthly Meetings will be difficult, especially with summer vacation/travel schedules. Therefore we revised the schedule by canceling the refund payout at the July and August MTBA meetings, added the September and October MTBA Meetings and have given two Saturday dates in the fall when you can hand in your filled out and signed work bond time sheet to receive the $75 refund.

We have also been approached by families who are eligible for the work bond refund asking about "rolling over" the work bond from this year to next as opposed to receiving the $75 refund this year and then paying the $75 work bond fee again next year as part of the registration fee. The MTBA will offer this choice this season. However, to roll over your work bond, you must still present the filled out and signed work bond time sheet at one of the four dates/times listed above.