MTBA Pony Division and Jamesburg Little League Joining Ranks!

The MTBA is proud to welcome the Jamesburg Little League Senior Team to our Pony Division this year. On Wednesday, April 9, the MTBA Pony Mets, managed by Pete Kowal, made the historic trip to Jamesburg's Little League Complex for the first game between the town's teams. 

It was an exciting, well played contest and we thank Jamesburg for their hospitality.  On Wednesday, April 16, Jamesburg's team made the historic trip here to James Monroe Park and faced the MTBA Pony Pirates, managed by Howie Morgans.  This was another exciting and well played contest. 

We look forward to the rest of what promises to be a great season with our friend from Jamesburg. 

Thanks and congratulations to Jamesburg Little League, MTBA President Steve Dalina, Vice President Bob Dudik and Pony Director Brian Marsh, for the smooth set-up and transition to allow this historic joint venture to occur.