Registration for the 2022 spring recreation baseball season is open as of January 8, 2022

[for players born between 5/1/2006* - 4/30/2018]

* PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO REGISTER FOR PONY IF YOUR CHILD IS INTERESTED IN PLAYING -- we know there were issues with lack of players last year, but worst case would be we would refund all fees if we can't provide a good experience for that age group (however we can't work on ideas, including possible playing teams from other towns, if we don't know how many kids want to play to begin with, so need those registrations to gauge things)

NOTEWe only accept credit/debit cards for payment.  If you do not fully complete the registration process by paying via credit/debit card then your child will not be considered registered and will not be drafted to a team.  Please contact the MTBA at monroebaseball@gmail.com with any issues.

Please note All MTBA volunteer managers and coaches (Rec and Travel) must pass a child protection background check, pass a concussion training course and take a one time Rutgers Safety Certification Class. If you do not have all of these completed you will not be allowed on the field or in the dugout during any game or practice per Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth’s Baseball League Charter. Information on completing the Rutgers course and having the background check done will be communicated prior to the start of the spring season.